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There are four herbal remedies that are going through safety checks because they have stirred up concerns regarding their carcinogenic effect. The United States National Toxicology Programme, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention are going to test ginseng, aloe vera, kaya, and milk thistle.

Scientists and researchers today are trying to find out if these foods are carcinogenic or not. It was the National Cancer Institute that recommended these supplements to be tested. You have certainly heard the herb aloe vera. You will see it in shampoos and lotions. Aloe vera is used primarily to improve the skin. Recently, aloe vera has been appearing in consumable products and they claim to clean the digestive tract. According to research, there are similarities between aloe vera and croton oil. Croton oil is a carcinogenic compound.

In the British Medical Journal, they have reports of other substances that can be carcinogenic. Kaya is one of them. Kaya is used as a muscle relaxant and a mood enhancer. Ginseng is another one of the products to be tested. Ginseng claims to boost energy. Milk thistle is going to be tested for carcinogenic potential as well. Milk thistle claims to have anticancer properties but that is yet to be determined. A fifth substance that was nominated for testing was indole-3-carbinol.

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