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DRUG NAME: Rimonabant

USE: Anti-obesity, weight loss/control

Acomplia is a CB1 blocker drug. Acomplia is indicated as an adjunct to diet and exercise for the treatment of obese patients (BMI >30) or overweight patients (BMI >27) with associated risk factors such as diabetes type 2 or dyslipidaemia.

This medicine can help you reduce weight or maintain a lower weight by blocking the CB1 receptors that are involved with glucose and fat metabolism.

Acomplia is claimed to have positive effects on diabetes and cardiovascular diseases and also nicotine cravings.


Hepatic or renal impairment

Uncontrolled serious mental illness (eg. major depression)

Side effects:

Nausea, mood alteration, anxiety, and dizziness.


None reported.

Patient information:

Follow instructions carefully on the label of this medicine.

It is recommended that this medicine is taken once daily.

Weight loss is gradual (approximately 10% of total body weight), and usually takes several weeks to start.

Further information on Acomplia can be obtained from your doctor or pharmacist.

Update: Due to the risk of serious psychiatric problems, the European Medicines Agency has recommended that the anti-obesity drug Acomplia is no longer prescribed.


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