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This fact sheet provides basic information about dandelion. Dandelion greens are edible and a rich source of vitamin A.

Common Names--lion's tooth, blowball

Latin Name--Taraxacum officinale

What It Is Used For

  • Dandelion has been used in many traditional medical systems, including Native American and traditional Arabic medicine.
  • Historically, dandelion was most commonly used to treat liver diseases, kidney diseases, and spleen problems. Less commonly, dandelion was used to treat digestive problems and skin conditions.
  • Today, dandelion is used by some as a liver or kidney "tonic," as a diuretic, and for minor digestive problems.

How It Is Used

The leaves and roots of the dandelion, or the whole plant, are used fresh or dried in teas, capsules, or extracts. Dandelion leaves are used in salads or as a cooked green, and the flowers are used to make wine.

What the Science Says

There is no compelling scientific evidence for using dandelion as a treatment for any medical condition.

Side Effects and Cautions

  • Dandelion use is generally considered safe. However, there have been rare reports of upset stomach and diarrhoea, and some people are allergic to the plant.
  • People with an inflamed or infected gallbladder, or blocked bile ducts, should avoid using dandelion.
  • It is important to inform your health care providers about any herb or dietary supplement you are using, including dandelion. This helps to ensure safe and coordinated care.
Source: Medic8


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