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Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is now more popular that ever with reality TV shows such as extreme makeover increasing public awareness about cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery procedures. Although in the past cosmetic surgery was only availble to the rich and famous, it is now becoming popular amongst the general public.

The Medic8 guide to cosmetic surgery aims to provide a comprehensive non-biased overview of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, the benefits, the risks involved and what you could expect from the cosmetic surgery procedure that you are intrested in.

What is Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery involves having a surgical procedure carried out by a plastic/cosmetic surgeon to improve the "look" of a particular part of your body. Cosmetic surgery can not only improve physical appearance but it can also have emotional and psychological effects. Procedures such as breast enlargement or a facelift could have a great influence on an individual's self esteem and confidence levels.

Cosmetic Surgery has its risks

As with any surgical procedures there are risks involved and it is important that before undergoing any cosmetic surgery procedures that you are fully aware of all the potential risks and potential side effects and discuss these with your surgeon.


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